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November winds

Been a lot of wind this November--do we always say that? Or do we just forget what it was like last November? Some people think we've ...
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Quick tip: Caring for the catch—the art of bleeding.

I try and bleed all the fish that I take home with me. I think the bleeding makes the meat cleaner--both when you go to fillet ...
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A few thoughts on local fish

I don't attend many trade shows, maybe one or two every few years. This last one in mid-March was a seafood show at the Convention Center ...
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Bahamas, off the beaten path.

A recent trip to the Bahamas with the family, the island of Eleuthera, the one shaped like an eel with a slight bend or crook in ...
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Point Judith Butterfish

A butterfish on deck in a tote with ice, slushed down in sea water--it's almost heaven. White flesh full of fat, the good sea fat not ...
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Winter sea herring, Block Island Sound

Short herring video aboard the Ocean State out of Point Judith, RI ...
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