The Dented Bucket

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Posted by on Mar 5, 2011 in Sport Fishing, Stories | 3 comments

I write a fishing column for the Fisherman Magazine. Originally published in The Fisherman Magazine, NE Edition: Issue #2, January 13, 2011 ON FRESHWATER LOANER By John P. Lee For an anchor I use a 10-pound dumbbell tied to a line with a rolling hitch. It’s plenty of lead—the canoe hasn’t dragged bottom yet, and likely never will, because if...

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In the Wheelhouse.

Posted by on Mar 3, 2011 in Commercial Fishing, Stories | 3 comments

This is not really a blog entry: it takes about ten minutes to read. I wrote this piece of non-fiction months ago. If you got the time please give it a read. Thanks. What is it about finding a sick bird that will get people to go and find a cardboard box in the attic, shred some newspaper, get a bowl of water, and consider calling the vet that takes in...

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Sea Herring, a fiction

Posted by on Jan 31, 2011 in Commercial Fishing, Stories | 5 comments

In the winter, when the sea herring arrive, a boat’s rail is always cold. If you put your bare hands on it while staring at a distant headland, the rail may grab a piece of skin and rip it off. The view is never worth the pain of attachment. I pick at a herring scale, remove it from my face. The tiny scales are like sequins, like party glitter. They...

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Sea Talk

Posted by on Jan 26, 2011 in Commercial Fishing, Seafood, Stories | 20 comments

A voyage down and back sometimes occupied nine months. In time this commerce increased until it gave employment to hordes of rough and hardy men; rude, uneducated, brave, suffering terrific hardships with sailor-like stoicism; heavy drinkers,….heavy fighters, reckless fellows, every one, elephantinely jolly, foul-witted, profane, prodigal of their...

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moments in time

Posted by on Jan 3, 2011 in Stories | 17 comments

December 10th 2010 my dad died in a car accident. An oak tree killed him, shearing the driver’s side of the car clean off. Days later, the cops showed us the tree and the car. It was obvious there’d been no need for an ambulance. The newspaper said Route 6 on the Connecticut/ Rhode Island line was closed for three hours. Every night since he died I...

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Plankton on my mind.

Posted by on Sep 14, 2010 in Nature, Stories | 0 comments

It happens when I’m on the couch. The wood stove is either on or off. An inane advertisement comes across the TV screen. I got Smartfood dust all over my jeans. I turn the TV off, hitting the glowing red remote control button that says “power” with enough force to let the world know I’m saturated. I go to the window (the portal to the outside), and...

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