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A New England Fish Scene

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A brief herring video

Posted on Mar 11 by

I’m exploring video as another way to communicate what is going on both on and off the water.


Photos of Rhode Island Atlantic herring

Posted on Feb 22 by

The herring’s definition, the scales, are everywhere–on the fisherman’s boots, the shovels and brooms, the edges of wood and steel. The herring’s...


Photos: ground fishing off Block Island

Posted on Jan 20 by

Here some photos from a recent fishing trip I went on. I just tagged along, went for a boat ride. It’s something I feel the need to do every once in a while. Mix it up....


Squid and Fog

Posted on May 23 by

Photos by Zach Harvey. Story by JP Lee Point Judith, R.I. — Sometimes on windless nights in May, when everything in the harbor is still, when there‚Äôs no boat traffic, no...