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Squid and Fog

Posted on May 23 by

Photos by Zach Harvey. Story by JP Lee Point Judith, R.I. — Sometimes on windless nights in May, when everything in the harbor is still, when there’s no boat traffic, no...


Boston Seafood Show photos

Posted on Mar 11 by

Opening day at the Boston Seafood Show was packed with people from all over the world. If last year’s theme was sustainability, I think this year’s theme was buy,...


McDonald’s getting its feet wet.

Posted on Nov 28 by

McDonald’s will be launching, late this year, their $1 Fish McBites. I’m guessing the fish is  U.S. caught Alaskan pollock. This is the opposite of buy local, keep...


School of sand eels. Nantucket Sound.

Posted on Nov 20 by

I love the right-hand side of this school, that sharp defined edge. I’ll never tire of looking at baitfish. Have a good Thanksgiving. Photo by Wayne Davis.